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The Hambleton Partnership offers a wide range of services relating to residential properties, including:


Structural Surveys

We undertake structural surveys in connection with house purchases, insurance claims, historic and on-going structural movement.  The service we offer extends to the preparation of drawings and specifications and the overseeing of site works for any repairs undertaken.


Loft Conversions

We will survey the existing structure and provide a report into the feasibility of carrying out a loft conversion before you embark on expensive alterations.  We offer a full design service, providing full structural drawings and specifications for the proposed conversion.

Conversion to Dwellings

We undertake surveys of the existing structure, recommend repairs where necessary and report on the feasibility of the conversion.  Our role normally extends to providing detailed structural information relating to the repairs of the existing structure or design of new floors and roofs.  We are experienced in the repair of timber beams and trusses, adopting traditional solutions wherever possible, whilst making full use of modern innovations, to retain the integrity and aesthetics of the original structure.  We will recommend masonry repairs and tying details where necessary and have experience in jacking out-of-plumb walls and other specialist repair services.

Swimming Pools

The Hambleton Partnership has been involved with the design of a number of residential swimming pools.  We will work closely with the Architect to design a sympathetic structure over the pool using both modern and traditional materials



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