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For some years we have worked with large and small clients to help resolve issues involving vehicle access. This might be as simple as assisting a landlord in assessing the suitability of a property for a change of use and the introduction of HGV access requirements.

We have worked with numerous clients in recent years to assist with:

  • Car-Park Design

  • Car-Park amendments

  • Access road design

  • Design of Service Yards and Loading Bays

  • Vehicle specific tracking to check access requirements for vehicles with particular maneuvering characteristics e.g Articulated vehicles

  • Design of bespoke goods handling facilities e.g. Home delivery depots

All projects have an element of civil engineering to consider, from piling works & slope analysis to foundations & industrial floor design. Our solutions are shaped throughout the design process by weighing up build-ability, sustainability, cost, quality and programme. 

Our designers balancing these aspects to best serve the needs of our clients.

  • Concrete Hardstandings/Slabs

  • Industrial floor slab designs and load capacity checks

  • Retaining walls/structuresEarthworks/fill specification

  • Ground improvement

  • Traditional Foundation design

  • Piled Foundations and Piling Design

  • Slab/hardstanding rehabilitation

  • Cover Slabs and sink hole treatment design

  • Slope analysis and design


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